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Warning! This blog will occasionally contain BL, yuri and NSFW.
Anonymous asked : please post again ; -;

ahhh I’m sorry, it’s just I’m not really into Inazuma Eleven anymore. If someday I decide to rewatch it, I will start posting again. c:

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yamishikitenshi asked : Really love your blog! It's so awesome~! :3

Thank you!

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Anonymous asked : ah, just saying, but the artist of that last Beta picture you posted (post id: 40843203002) doesn't want her art republished.

Thank you for pointing that out! Though, doesn’t she just say she doesn’t want people to use it? (※絵の使用等はご遠慮ください。) As in photo manipulation or usage in themes/skins or commercial use? “Using an image” and “reposting an image (linking to her pixiv page)” is not the same. :3 I’ve been in the MMD fandom for quite a while, and I’ve definitely learnt the different between using an artist’s work and reposting it (even if MMD is about 3D models and not pics, but that doesn’t matter much), since some 3D artists say people can use/edit their models but not repost them, or the contrary.
This is what I think. But, if an artist specifically says s/he doesn’t want her/his art to be reposted, and I didn’t notice that on her/his profile, I’ll immediately remove all of that artist’s pics. ^^

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